Stanley Lloyd Hall 1919–1973

Father – Paternal father’s line of Irving Family

Stanley Lloyd Hall was born on 12 January 1919 in Annandale, New South Wales. The suburb of Annandale is located 5 kilometres west of Sydney’s central business district.

Annandale Post Office, Corner of Booth and Johnston Streets, Annandale – click image to see further details about this photograph.

When Stanley Lloyd Hall was born in 1919 his father Stanley Loftus Hall, was 24 and his mother, Elsie Kathleen Johnson, was 18.

Ancestors of Stanley Lloyd Hall

Stanley Lloyd Hall’s partner, Dorothy Amelia Morris was born on 16 February 1923 in Paddington, New South Wales, her father, Frederick, was 24, and her mother, Dorothy May, was 20. In 1942 she had one son with Stanley Lloyd Hall.

Residence and Occupation

During the period from 1924–1928 a very young Stanley Lloyd Hall accompanied his family when they moved to Auburn, New South Wales. By 1929/30 the financial depression following the Wall Street stock market crash, hit the New South Wales economy with great severity causing high unemployment.

It was during the 1930’s crisis and depression that Stanley Lloyd Hall’s parents and siblings moved to Katoomba, New South Wales. In 1930 they were living in the main shopping strip at 204 Katoomba Street, Katoomba. His father was a local fruiterer. Stan and his younger siblings Phyllis, Eric and Harold attended Primary School in Katoomba.

The following photographs, show the location of the shop on the corner of Katoomba and Waratah Streets, Katoomba. In addition to selling fruit and vegetables the shop also provided Soda Fountain drinks, Fry’s Chocolate Creams and Cordials. In the thirty years before 1930, the shop had been run for different periods by Mr. M.A. Davidson and then by Mr. A. Rutledge.

Katoomba Fruiterer 1901-1927

The Hall family soon left Katoomba and moved to Cowra, New South Wales where they stayed until 1937. The family finally returned in 1938 to Sydney, New South Wales.

Stanley Lloyd Hall started work in Sydney as a Machinist. At that point, he was living at home with his parents at 45 Brighton Street, Croydon, New South Wales, Australia. However, Stan soon gained wheels and became mobile. During the early 1940’s he revisited Katoomba and the Blue Mountains. The following photo of the Three Sisters at Echo Point was taken during one of his visits to Katoomba.

Three Sisters at Katoomba

His relationship with Dorothy Morris, developed at this time, ultimately leading to the birth of his only son. Both Stan and Dot were accompanied by friends on their motor bike visits to the Blue Mountains.

Dorothy Amelia Morris posing on Triumph Bike CF-24, Unknown Male sitting on Ariel Bike DR-95. Stanley Lloyd Hall, almost out of frame, can be seen on the far right of the picture.

Dot Morris on Triumph Bike CF-94 in the Blue Mountains (click above image to view the owner of CF-94)

The partnership between Stan and Dot lasted for five years but became strained due to the meddling of Dot’s mother. By 1946 they finally went their own ways. Stan married his new partner Jean Schofield in May and Dot married her new partner Ron Fitzpatrick in August.

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Stanley Lloyd Hall married Jean Schofield on 10 May 1946 at the District Registrar’s Office, Marrickville, New South Wales, when he was 27 years old. His new wife, Jean, was born in 1925, the daughter of William Schofield and Dorothy Barbara Byrnes.

At this time Stan, aged 27, was employed as a Timber Worker living at Croydon with his parents. Jean, aged 21, was employed as a Silk Knitter living with her parents at Marrickville, New South Wales.

Stan’s second child, a daughter with Jean Schofield was born in 1954. At this time, he was employed as a timber worker, living at home with his wife at Lot 46 Lambert Street, Yagoona, New South Wales, Australia,

During the 1950’s and 1960’s Stan and Jean lived continuously at Lambert Street, Yagoona, New South Wales, He continued to be employed as a timber worker and Jean was employed in weaving.

By the 1970’s Jean and her teenage daughter had moved to Gibbons Street, Auburn, New South Wales. At this time Stan was suffering from degeneration of the heart; he had also developed pre senile dementia. These medical conditions led to his admission to the nearby Glen Lynn Convalescent Home.

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Stanley Lloyd Hall died at the Glen Lynn Convalescent Home on 26 June 1973 and he was cremated at Rookwood, New South Wales, on 28 June 1973.

Death and cremation of Stanley Lloyd Hall

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