Amelia Biggs 1876–1929

Narrabri Public School Narrabri NSW c1905

At Work and Play, Narrabri Public School, c 1905, Photograph by P. Hansen

Great-Grandmother – Maternal mother’s line of Clingan Family

In 1929 Amelia Biggs an invalid pensioner was living at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Leslie & Amelia Adelaide Watt at 33 Charles Street, Marrickville. She was admitted to Marrickville hospital suffering from bronchopneumonia and died on 13 March 1929, aged 56 years old.

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Amelia was born to David Ronald Biggs and Jane Campbell, 8 November 1876, at Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. She was the fourth child; her brother William Ronald was six years old, her sisters Isabella Jane and Elizsabeth Ann were aged four and two years. Amelia aslso had younger siblings born between 1878 and 1889. All her siblings were born in New South Wales.

It is a common belief that Amelia’s full name was Amelia Adelaide Biggs; I have been unable to confirm this fact and have therefore only used Amelia Biggs on this website.

Siblings of Amelia Biggs
  • William Ronald Biggs [1870-1892]
  • Isabella Jane Biggs [1872-1924]
  • Elizabeth Ann Biggs [1874-1950]
  • David Ronald Biggs [1878-1878]
  • Adelaide Biggs [1879-1954]
  • David Ronald Biggs [1881-1943]
  • Robert Henry Biggs [1883-1963]
  • Alice May Biggs [1887-1980]
  • Ethel Mary Ellen Biggs [1889-1947]
  • Ernest Edward Biggs [1891-1957]
  • Edith Biggs [1892-]
  • Florence May Biggs [1893-1971]

Her father David passed away on 6 December 1893, in Nyngan, New South Wales, at the age of 50. Thirty-six years later her mother aged 75 died on 24 November 1929.

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Amelia Biggs married James William Clingan on 29 September 1896, in the newly dedicated St. Cyprian’s, Church of England, Narrabri, New South Wales, when she was 19 years old. Their marriage was conducted by the eighth Vicar of Narrabri, Rev. Thomas Edward Fox.

James William Clingan married Amelia Biggs in September 1896 at St. Cyprian's, Church of England, Narrabri, New South Wales.

At the time of their marriage James’s occupation was Woolscourer at Narrabri until the family moved to Botany in about 1906 where he obtained work as a labourer or Labourer Wool Classer. Amelia was fully occupied with home duties and caring for their children:

Children of Amelia Biggs & James William Clingan

The photograph at the top this webpage show students and teachers at the Narrabri Public School in 1905. It is probable that the first three of James and Amelia’s children were present in the 1905 school photograph taken by P. Hansen.

Amelia and her husband James moved to Sydney in about 1906; their last two children, David and Victor were born there. They lived in the Sydney suburbs of Botany, Mascot and Ultimo. Their fourth child George Albert Clingan may also have been born in Sydney in 1900. 

On 11 January 1919 James assaulted his wife Amelia Clingan at Mascot. A warrant was issued by the Redfern Bench for the arrest of William James Clingan, 45 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, thin build dark complexion and hair, dark moustache turning grey, grey eyes; dressed in a grey sac suit and dark soft-felt hat. He was described as a wool-washer.

Six years later in Sydney, on 21 January 1925 a warrant was issued by the Children’s Court Bench for the arrest of James William Clingan, charged with wife desertion. At that time, he was described as 53 years of age, about 5 feet 5 inches high, medium build, fair complexion, brown hair turning grey, brown moustache; a labourer or wool scourer. Again, the complainant was Amelia Clingan, who was then living at Silver Street, Marrickville. Almost a year later, on 6 January 1926 he was charged with “Wife Desertion” and arrested by Sydney Police. James was ordered to pay 15s per week for the support of his wife and £1 19s. 6d. costs.

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In March 1929 Amelia Biggs was admitted to Marrickville hospital suffering from bronchopneumonia. Before hospitalization, Amelia had been living with daughter Amelia Adelaide Watt and her husband Leslie at 33 Charles Street, Marrickville. Amelia died at the hospital on 13 March 1929.

Amelia Clingan MS Biggs Death Notice 14 Mar 1929

Her funeral was held on Thursday, 14 March 1929, at the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. The location of her grave is Zone C Section 9 Grave 2539.

Amelia Clingan MS Biggs d1929 In Memoriam 1930
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