Norman Stewart Williamson 1915-1981

North Parramatta Post Office photographed in 1915

North Parramatta Post Office photographed in 1915 from National Archives Australia

Father – Paternal father’s line of Williamson Family

When Norman Stewart Williamson was born on 20 February 1915 in Parramatta, New South Wales, his father, Reginald, was 24 and his mother, Lucy, was 21. He married Myee Maude Johnston on 13 May 1944, in Kempsey, New South Wales. They had two children during their marriage. Norman died on February 24 1981, in Westmead, New South Wales, at the age of 66.

Childhood of Norman Williamson

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Norman Stewart Williamson was born on 20 February 1915 at Parramatta, New South Wales. The second child of Reginald G. Williamson and Lucy J. Cleary, his sister Edna was 2 years older. His younger sisters Juanita (June), Constance (Connie), Mona, Eva, Joyce, Lorna and Lucia (Lucy) were born between 1917 and 1931. He attended school in the Parramatta region of New South Wales.

Fan chart showing up to four generations of Norman Stewart Williamson's direct ancestors

Fan chart of Norman’s direct ancestors

Siblings of Norman Stewart Williamson
  • Edna May Williamson [1913-1998]
  • Juanita Jane Williamson [1917-1999]
  • Constance Patricia Williamson [1919-2011]
  • Mona Cecilia Williamson [1921-2001]
  • Eva Veronica Williamson [1924-2011]
  • Joyce Magdalene Williamson [1926-2002]
  • Lorna Maria Williamson [1929-1992]
  • Lucia Anastacia Williamson [1931-1999]

Early adult years

After leaving school he encountered the Great Depression with its problems of huge unemployment that lasted for a decade (1930’s). During this time people planted gardens to produce fruit and vegetables. Norman’s father worked as a government servant during the depression. An opportunity came up and Norman trained as a plasterer.

Norman Stewart Williamson in uniform

When World War 2 broke out he applied for the Army while in North Parramatta and subsequently enlisted in Kempsey on 5 September 1942. He was discharged on 27 September 1945 with the rank of Sergeant. After his war service he worked as a fibrous fixer at Parramatta.

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At Kempsey he met Myee Maude Johnston. She was to become his wife and unquestionably the love of his life. They were married at Kempsey in 1944.

They had two children, a daughter in 1946 and a son in 1955. As the kids grew up Norman focused on his family and enjoyed an involvement with local racing pigeon clubs. He continued to plant fruit and vegetables and raise poultry at his North Parramatta property.

Photo of Norman with his daughter Colleen at home

Norman at home with his daughter

Descendant chart of Norman Stewart Williamson and Myee Maude Johnston

Descendant chart of Norman Stewart Williamson and Myee Maude Johnston

Norman spent many years as a fibrous fixer and plasterer in Parramatta and surrounding Sydney suburbs.

Later he worked as a security officer for Brambles and CSR where he remained until his retirement. Norman enjoyed a short retirement being occupied with his grandchildren, vegetable gardening and pigeon racing.

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Norman Stewart Williamson died at Westmead Hospital, New South Wales on 24 February 1981, when he was 66 years old. He was buried at the Pine Grove Memorial Park at Kington Street, Minchinbury, New South Wales.

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