Matilda Wilkinson

Sydney Street Scene in about 1880

Morris Family Ancestor Great-grandmother 1880–1944

When Matilda Wilkinson was born on 9th November 1880, in Sydney, New South Wales, her father, Thomas, was 26 and her mother, Elizabeth, was 22. She married Alfred Morris on 28th April 1898, in Surry Hills, New South Wales. They had two children during their marriage. She died on 30th October 1944, in Sydney, at the age of 63, and was buried in Botany, New South Wales.

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Matilda Wilkinson was born on 9th November 1880, in Stream Lane, Sydney, New South Wales to Elizabeth Mary Price, age 22, and Thomas Edward Wilkinson, age 26.

Ancestors of Alfred Morris and Matilda Wilkinson
Site of Alfred & Matilda Morris Marriage


Matilda Wilkinson married Alfred Morris on 28 April 1898, at 439 Riley Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales, when he was 22 years old. The marriage was conducted in accordance with rites of Primitive Methodist Church.

Residence and Occupation

Before her marriage, Matilda worked as a Laundress and lived in Woolloomooloo, New South Wales. During her marriage to Alfred they lived in the Sydney suburbs of Annandale, Petersham and Summer Hill. After Alfred’s sudden death in 1929 she moved to 4 Park Road, St Peters, New South Wales, where Matilda remained until her own death in 1944.

Children of Matilda Wilkinson and Alfred Morris

Two children were born to Matilda and Alfred Morris at Annandale, New South Wales during a period of three years from 1898 to 1900.

Descendants of Alfred Morris and Matilda Wilkinson
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Her Husband Alfred Morris, florist, died suddenly from a heart attack in October 1929, at Lewisham, New South Wales.

Her son Frederick George Morris passed away in July 1943, in Sydney, New South Wales, at the age of 45.

Matilda Wilkinson died on 30th October 1944, in the Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst, New South Wales, when she was 63 years old.

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