Amiel Morris 1822–1904

Engraving of the French 24 Gun Man of War "Le Rhin" at Akaroa

French 24 Gun Man of War “Le Rhin” at Akaroa in the 1840’s

2nd Great-Grandfather – Maternal father’s line of Morris Family

Amiel Morris was born in 1822 France. He married Harriet Welsh and they had 12 children together. He then had five children with Clarissa Fanny Smith between 1874 and 1881. He died on 3 May, 1904, in St Peters, New South Wales, having lived a long life of 82 years.

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Amiel Morris was born in 1822 in France. The actual birth location has not been verified but it is thought to be Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France. The identity of his parents is unknown.

Amiel Morris aged 23 arrived in Port Jackson, Australia, on October 29, 1845 as a crew member aboard the 24 gun “Le Rhin” a French Man of War Ship.

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Amiel Morris married Harriet Welsh on 26 September, 1848, in St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Sydney, New South Wales, when he was 26 years old.

Amiel was a shoemaker and boot maker who worked out of his own boot and shoe shop or warehouse in George Street, Sydney. The Sands Directory records his presence in George Street between the years 1865–1891. The following picture shows the approximate location of his boot and shoe shop.

Old photo of George Street, Sydney c.1885-1890. This image is part Records NSW "Moments in Time" series that is now in the public domain.

View of George Street, Sydney c.1885-1890. This image is part of Records NSW “Moments in Time” series.

During 1868 and 1869 Amiel Morris had financial difficulties that resulted in an auction of his Stock-in-Trade of boots and shoes, shop fittings, fixtures, furniture, goodwill, and sundries.

Newspaper classified ad about the financial problems of Amiel Morris in 1868-9

Newspaper classified ad about the financial problems of Amiel Morris in 1868-9

From the early 1870’s Amiel’s family arrangements changed. He was granted Naturalisation; started a relationship with Clarissa Fanny Smith; and, moved his residence to Darlington, New South Wales.

Amiel Morris was granted Naturalization on 21 February 1874. A summary of his New South Wales Certificate of Naturalization No.74:32 certifies:

… Now, I the Governor as aforesaid, do hereby certify, that it has been established to my satisfaction, that Amele Morris is a native of France, is fifty two years of age, and is a Boot and Shoe Maker and that having arrived by the ship “Le Rhin” in the year 1845 he is now residing in the City of Sydney and having permanently settled in this Colony and purchased land he desires to obtain the advantages of the said Act: AND I DO THEREFORE GRANT unto the said Amele Morris … all the rights and capacities within the said Colony of New South Wales, of a natural born British Subject.

GIVEN under my Hand and Seal, at Government House, Sydney, New South Wales, aforesaid, this twenty first day of February One thousand eight hundred and seventy four.

By His Excellency’s Command,

Sir Hercules George Robert Robinson, GCMG

(later Baron Rosmead)

Half Fan Chart showing the Children of Amiel Morris with Harriet Welsh & Clarissa Fanny Smith

Children of Amiel Morris with Clarissa Fanny Smith and Harriet Welsh

Our direct relative to Amiel was his son Alfred who was born in 1876 at Darlington, New South Wales. Alfred Morris (1876–1929)

From 1877, according to the Sands Directory, Amiel Morris, bootmaker, was residing at 26 Raglan Street, Darlington.

During the 1880’s Amiel Morris became more active in the National Division of the Sons and Daughters of Temperance gaining the position of senior PMPW (Past Most Worthy Patriarch). In 1888, he was also nominated for election as an Alderman for the Borough of Darlington.

Amiel Morris representing the Sons of Temperance together with the United Temperance Association of New South Wales was involved in the development of Gough Town, Australia’s first temperance township. The town sold by auction on the Estate, on Saturday 16 April 1887. The land was bounded by Merrylands Road (then known as Park Road), Chetwyn Road (Kings Road), Matthew Street, and Fowler Road (Lucas Street).

New streets included Henson, Price, James, Morris, Roseby, Davies, Creer and Harcus Streets. These streets were named after temperance colleagues: William Henson MLA, James B. Price, William B. James, Amiel Morris, John Roseby MLA, John Davies MLA, Joseph Creer MLA and Lorimer E. Harcus.

Residence: In 1901 Amiel Morris was living with his daughter Harriet and her husband Thomas Charles Biggs at 20 Commodore Street, Newtown.

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Amiel Morris died on 3 May, 1904, in St Peters, New South Wales, when he was 82 years old.

The Funeral of the late Amiel Morris, Bootmaker, left his daughter’s (Mrs. Biggs) residence, 20 Commodore Street, Newtown, on Thursday 5 May 1904, at half past 1, for Newtown Station, hence to Necropolis at Rookwood. His service was conducted by Rev. Mackenzie of the Presbyterian Church.

He was buried in Zone A, Presbyterian Section 06D, Grave 5588.

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