Michael Hindmarsh 1800–1867

Plaque in Hindmarsh Park at Kiama about Michael Hindmarsh and Cecilia Sophia Rutter, the founding orphans of Kiama.

3rd Great-grandfather – Maternal father’s line of Johnston Family

Michael Hindmarsh was born on 12 March 1800, in Alnwick, Northumberland, the sixth child of his parents, George, aged 40 and Alice, aged 32. He married Cecilia Sophia Rutter on 15 August 1826, in Campbelltown, New South Wales. They had 14 children during their marriage. He died on 25 January 1867, in Gerringong, New South Wales, at the age of 66.

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Michael Hindmarsh was born on 12 March 1800, in Alnwick, Northumberland, England, to Alice Urpeth, age 32, and George Hindmarsh, age 40. He was baptized later in March 1800 at the Sion Meeting House (formerly the Bondgate Meeting House Alnwickterian), Alnwick, Northumberland, England.

Fan Chart showing two generations of Michael and Cecilia Hindmarsh ancestors.

Fan Chart showing the parents and grandparents of Michael Hindmarsh and Cecilia Sophia Rutter.

In the following three years the significant events occurring in Michael’s life included:

  • His sister Hannah was born on 23 December 1801;
  • Sarah his sister, aged three, died on 24 November 1802; and,
  • On 23 December 1803 his sister Isabel was born.
1805 to 1826

When Michael Hindmarsh was five years old his father George died, his mother Alice, now a widow, was left with five children. A sixth child, William, was born on 2 April 1805, just six weeks after the loss of his father. At this time the youngest child, Isabel was 16 months old and the eldest child, Eleanor, was 14 years old.

John Nisbet, his uncle, took Michael Hindmarsh to Essington Grange and had him educated and trained in farm work.  Sadly, just three years later on 6 September 1808, his mother Alice passed away in Northumberland, England. Michael remained with his uncle at Essington Grange until his departure for Australia on 1 May 1822.

Michael left Leith in Scotland on the 1 May 1822, in the brig “Minerva” the Goddess of Wisdom, under Captain James Bell landing in Hobart Town on 18 October 1822. He then sailed onto Port Jackson aboard the brig “Heroine” under Captain William Ostler, arriving in Port Jackson on the 11 September 1822.

Newspaper article from Hobart, Australia advising the arrival of Michael Hindmarsh from Leith, Scotland.

In early 1826 Michael Hindmarsh became infatuated with the Housekeeper of the Hassall family where he had been living for the previous three years. Having finished his three year appointment with Jonathon Hassall, he left his position with the Hassall family in June and married Cecilia Sophia Rutter two months later.

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Michael Hindmarsh married Cecilia Sophia Rutter on 15 August 1826, at St Peters Church of England, in Campbelltown, New South Wales, when he was 26 years old and she was 18 years old. Jonathan Hassall, of Matavia, Cook and Jane Rouse, of Rouse Hill were witness to the marriage.

Census of New South Wales

In the 1828 New South Wales, Australia Census Michael Hindmarsh was recorded as a landholder living in the Illawarra with his wife Cecilia and son George.

Thirteen years later, the 1841 New South Wales, Australia, Census records Michael Hindmarsh as the proprietor of Alne Bank in the Camden District of Illawarra. The wooden dwelling is completed and was inhabited by 24 persons of whom 17 were free. The census also records the numbers of each age group, civil condition, religion and occupation of the 24 occupants.

Children of Michael Hindmarsh and Cecilia Sophia Rutter born at Gerringong, New South Wales

Children of Michael and Cecilia born at Gerringong, NSW during a period of 26 years from 1827 to 1853.

  1. George John, born 22 September 1827, passed away 4 March 1918
  2. William Rutter, born 28 June 1829, passed away 6 May 1914
  3. Charlotte Alice, our direct descendent was born on 22 April 1831, passed away 28 July 1914
  4. Michael Nisbet, born 14 January 1833, passed away 8 January 1912
  5. Cecilia Sophia, born 8 December 1834, passed away 17 January 1913
  6. Hannah Isabella, born 5 February1837, passed away 12 July 1919
  7. Catherine Newell, born 20 June 1838, passed away 3 April 1920
  8. Robert, born 14 February 1840, passed away 26 October 1920
  9. Thomas Alfred, born 30 April 1842, passed away 25 July 1908
  10. Ellen Caroline, born 20 February 1846, the date of her death is subject to verification
  11. Jane Elizabeth, born 15 September 1847, passed away in 1936
  12. Margaret was born 15 September 1847, and passed away soon after
  13. Frederick James, born 16 June 1850, passed away in 5 July 1911
  14. Emma Lee, born 23 June 1853, passed away 14 April 192
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Michael Hindmarsh died from natural causes accelerated by excitement on 25 January 1867, at “Alne Bank” in Gerringong, New South Wales, when he was 66 years old.

Inquest and In Memoriam
Newspaper reports from the Kiama Independent regarding an Inquest into the death of Michael Hindmarsh and his In Memoriam

Newspaper reports from the Kiama Independent regarding an Inquest into the death of Michael Hindmarsh and his In Memoriam

In 1945, a book “Michael Hindmarsh of Alne Bank” was published. It was published by the Suburban Herald Printery, 390 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, New South Wales.

The Alne Bank Private Cemetery sits on a hill overlooking the majestic Alne Bank homestead. It is surrounded by an impressive stone wall and contains the graves of Michael Hindmarsh and six other members of his family.

Family history information regarding Michael Hindmarsh, Cecilia Sophia Rutter and their children is no longer available on the Ulladulla.info web site.

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