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  1. David Johnston says:

    Very impressed with your new website – congratulations.
    I am still compiling info about Norman Johnston – Ralph’s Johnston’s brother.
    Found that Ralph and Victor entered the elocution sections of the Methodist Band of Hope concerts at Tenterfield (1904-6) in the years after moving from Brooklet with their parents.
    Suspect that the boy in uniform in the Johnston family photo in front of Ellenthorpe is James Victor in his Hawkesbury Agricultural College uniform – ??? aged 15 – which would have been 1910. Others are David, Margaret, Maude I imagine and possibly Amy (Gertrude Florence ) and husband Samuel Staines ?…………
    See: David Johnston’s Post

  2. ozemorris says:

    Thanks very much for your kind thoughts. Hopefully the new website will allow easier interactions between us. I look forward to hearing more about the results of your research into Norman, Ralph and Victor.
    I’ve reviewed the Johnston family photo you refer to. The photo was taken in 1926 by Ethel Sophia Johnston, known as “Dolly”. The people in the photo from left: Maude Johnston, Margaret “Maggie” Johnston nee Black, David Johnston, Ethel Johnston nee Claydon, Alfred “Alf” Johnston and William “Will” Johnston. Alf and Ethel are the parents of Will and Dolly the photographer.
    Regards, Ron
    See: David Johnston’s Post

    • David Johnston says:

      Well – so much for my sense of historical dress style and who is who – way off the mark !
      Nice to have photos with names attached. Have found out more about Norman than I expected, and have expanded my writing into a bit of a history of Brooklet between 1885 and 1915 to put Norman and the family into context. Also am including basic info on all the other siblings as well. Still have records to check eg the records of Brooklet Public school in the State Archives and the pupil record cards of Hawkesbury Agricultural College at UWS.
      David (and Margaret, but to a lesser extent) certainly lived thru lots of changes – Ireland, south coast, north coast then Tenterfield in his 91 years.
      Still trying to sort out who actually moved to Tenterfield in early 1900 – reports say the family, but I think it may have just been David and Margaret, Amy (who married in Tenterfield in 1905), Maude, Norman, George and the two young ones Ralph and Victor.
      I suspect Tom, Jack, Dick (David) stayed at Brooklet – probably in another house on one of the other parcels of land – there was a clearing out sale in 1900 of Furniture and household effects, as well as the cattle at Sunnyside in 1900, and media reports later locate these four at Brooklet – with Tom marrying at Brooklet in 1911.
      Also “Ellenthorpe” – family lore says the Johnston’s owned it – supported by a report in the Tenterfield press of David buying it, but my search of the land titles indicates a very long lease that only expired after David’s death – so I may have to do with the purchase off lease, not freehold ?………
      Also “Gungel” – still in the family – James Victor’s grandson Grant now there – when did the Johnston’s buy it – a media in the 30’s indicates purchase about 1905. I can’t see that Ellenthorpe was ever a productive property bringing in an income, but rather a place to retire to while Gungel became a very successful dairy/sorghum/pig property.
      George bought his property at Tabulam before enlisting, leaving it empty with Samuel Staines in charge. Eventually James Victor, presumably after completing his studies at HAC was in charge at Gungel.
      Anyway I will keep going piecing the puzzle together.
      Regards, David
      See: David Johnston’s Post

      • ozemorris says:

        It’s good that you are expanding your family facts to include local history as well. By doing so the finished result is easy to understand and becomes more memorable to the reader. It may well lead to a published book in the future. Good luck with your ongoing research.
        In recent times I’ve concentrated on the long-term preservation of photographs and other important documents. This work includes not only creating archival quality digital files for daily use but the restoration and storage of the originals using approved archival methods.
        Regards, Ron
        See: David Johnston’s Post

  3. Dorothy says:

    Amazing so proud that we have a link to a great young man who made such a sacrifice for his country

  4. Robyn Hanna says:

    I am part of William and Ruth’s family my Grandfather was the brother of Alexander. I have just found this page of information cannot believe there is so much information. It is interesting to read. My Mother was a Miss Clingan before marriage

  5. Crystal Webster says:

    I am the great granddaughter of Adelaide Dawson/Biggs. The Great Great Granddaughter of Jane. I am searching for information on Adelaide. I have only found marriage cert for Adelaide which states she was born in Gundagai but I have also found she may have been born in Nyngan or Bourke due to timeline of events. I am out of leads. Any direction or information or whisperings you may have heard would be greatly appreciated. Its a long shot but i need to find more about her.
    Thank you in advance.

  6. Ron says:

    Thank you for your enquiry. Adelaide Dawson nee Biggs was my 2nd great aunt. The marriage certificate showing that Adelaide was born in Gundagai may be correct. I can confirm that Adelaide’s parents, David & Jane, moved from Wagga Wagga sometime after 1878 and were in Gundagai on 1 February 1881. Between May-November 1882 they moved to Hay, New South Wales. I will send a separate email to you soon, it will include attachments for your information. In conclusion my apologies for the delay in answering your enquiry, your request was lost within the web page.

  7. John Smail says:

    Hello, I have only just recently become aware of your website, which is most impressive and comprehensive. I thought you might like to know that I am a direct descendant of Robert Smail and Isabel Murray, your own g-g-g grandparents, and mine. As you know, and is confirmed on your website, they had seven children, one of whom was James (their second child), your own g-g grandfather, and a younger brother John (their seventh child), who was my own g-g grandfather. It was my g-g grandfather who continued to operate the corn mill in Galashiels in the 1850s and 1860s. I could send you further information about John Smail’s descendants if of any interest to you.

  8. Lorraine Gowing says:

    Hello Colleen,
    I am a decendant of William Rutter Saltmaker too. He was my 4th G Grandfather,Sarah Jewell
    His son John Obadiah Newell Rutter was my 3rd G G F,married, Mary Frances Good
    Their son , William Rutter came to Australia, Land Surveyer in gold Fields then Sydney,married, Amelia Langley
    Their Daughter, Eliza Catherine Rutter,married Walter Bray,
    daughter Eliza Catherine Bray married Henry George Robertson
    son Alick Stanley Robertson and Lily Jean Reid were my parents

    Thanks for your website!,, regards Lorraine Gowing

  9. Are you sure that James Murray & Elizabeth Hislope were the parents of your Isabel Murray? According to her birth parish record Isabel was a native of Yetholm in Roxburghshire – a long distance from Selkirk. Her parents were from Selkirkshire not Roxburghshire. As a Stockingmaker-Stocking Weaver James Murray was a member of the Guild of Weavers.

  10. Christine Franklin says:

    I really enjoyed reading your family story of Henry Lancelot Smith and also enjoy exploring my family history. I have just added Jane Gidley Smith (nee Goodman) to my tree following a bit of a breakthrough with my Goodman family. She was the sister of my great, great grandfather, William Louis Kay Goodman. Their father, also William Goodman married Sarah Parker Key at St Bride’s Church, City of London in 1817.

    Although the family moved to Falmouth in Cornwall, eventually, I note that Henry Lancelot Smith came from the same area of London as Jane’s parents so there must have been some connection retained. Do you know how Jane got to Australia? Did she know Henry and they planned to marry after her arrival. Seems a brave move for a girl to go on her own at that time.

    Please let me know if you have any info. I am on My Heritage if you are able to access

    Kind regards. Chris Franklin (nee Goodman)

    • Ron says:

      This week I have found details of Henry Lancelot Smith’s arrival in Botany Bay aboard the clipper ship Speedy on 10 April 1855 from South Hampton, London, after a passage of 92 days. Regarding Jane’s journey from England to Botany Bay in 1855. Jane was not alone; she was accompanied with her older sister Sarah Ann Goodman. They both left Plymouth on 22 April 1855 and sailed aboard the vessel Mangerton arriving at Botany Bay, New South Wales on 29 July 1855. Links to the voyages of “Speedy” and “Mangerton” are highlighted.

      I’m not aware of any connection between Henry and Jane in London prior to their voyages to Australia. At the time of their marriage both Henry and Jane had been in Australia for more than seven years. If their marriage had been planned earlier in England, I think it would have happened prior to October 1862.

      Marriage of Sarah Anne Goodman and Launedot Hogg – November 1861
      Sarah Anne Goodman, aged 37, married Launedot Hogg, aged 51, on 26 November 1861. Launedot was a Widower with two living children and 11 dead from his previous marriage. Sarah’s parents were shown as William Goodman and Sarah Parker Goodman. Officiating Minister A. H. Bull, Parish Church of St Peters, conducted the Marriage according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England.

      Marriage of Jane Gidley Goodman and Henry Lancelot Smith – October 1862
      Eleven months later, on 16 October 1862, Henry Lancelot Smith, aged 27, Stonemason of Newtown, married Jane Gidley Goodman, aged 22, of Newtown. Henry’s parents were shown as Henry Smith, Builder and Jane Price. Sarah’s parents were shown as William Goodman, Cabinet Maker and Sarah P Goodman. Officiating Minister A. H. Bull, Parish Church of St Peters, conducted the Marriage according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England. At the time of their marriage Henry Lancelot Smith and Jane Gidley Goodman declared that were Members of the Wesleyan Denomination.

  11. Ron says:

    As surely as there are stars in the sky, there are missing documents and sometimes mistakes in this database, hopefully not many! Please check and verify any information you find here with your own original research using primary sources whenever possible.

  12. Lee Try says:

    Hello, is there anywhere to buy a copy of the johnston family book. David Johnston is my great,great grandfather

  13. Russell Hall says:

    In “Our Hall Ancestors” You might like to change the year shown as the arrival of Eliza Somers from 1930 to 13th January 1830 on the ‘Asia 7’

    • Ron says:

      Russell, thanks for your comment, Eliza’s arrival year has been changed from 1930 to 1830. Depending on the Official Records viewed the name of the ship she arrived on varies between Asia, Asia 7 and Asia 7th. Some of the records I’ve used are shown below:
      Certificates of Freedom 1823-1869
      Eliza Somers arrived per Asia 1830; Licence Number: 46/0809; Dated 26 Aug 1846 [Biog Item No. 120043493].
      Convict Indents & Ship Musters 1830
      Eliza Somers, Ship of arrival: Asia, at Sydney; 13 Jan 1830; Arrival Status: Convict; Aged: 22 years; Education: None; Religion: Roman Catholic; Marriage Status: Single; Born at Dublin [DUB IRL]; Employment: All work; Crime: Stealing silk; Tried at City Dublin, [DUB IRL], 2 Jun 1829; Trial Sentence: 7 years; Previous convictions: 1; Height in feet & inches: 5 3; Complexion: Ruddy, Pockpitted, Freckled; Hair: Dark Brown; Eyes: Hazel; Marks or Scars: None [Biog Item No. 170112920].
      Bench of Magistrates Cases 1822-1836 NSW
      Eliza Somers, Current Status: Prisoner; Arrived per ship Asia: Event Place: Sydney Police Office, Event Date 1830 Apr 26 [Biog Item No. 399326674].

  14. Carol Weldon says:

    You are missing 3 of Robert Waugh & Teresa (Collins) Irving’s children. Albert Edward 1870-1873, Ethel Maude 1872-1873 and Eveline Louise 1873-1894

  15. Ron says:

    Carol, thanks for your comment and information about Robert and Teresa’s three missing children from our website. The missing children as well as other essential updates have been added to the Irving Family Descendant Fan Chart. Ron

  16. Kate says:

    Hello! Robert Smail is also my 4th great-grandfather! I have his date of birth as March 16, 1789 in Lilliesleaf and W as his middle initial. However, our tree shows he married Helen Ramage and their son was William Ramage Smail (my 3rd g-g). I wonder if some information was muddled?

    • Ron says:

      Hi Kate, I regret to advise that following a lengthy review the Robert Smail listed above is not your 4x great-grandfather. Robert never left Scotland and died on 10 December 1847, aged 60, at Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland. An email will be forwarded to you containing information about Helen Ramage, Richard Coulthorp and your 4x great-grandfather Robert Smail. Regards, Webmaster.